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yours is A piCturE Book AnD hErs is story Book...

about too on 希望能帮到你,祝更上一层楼O(∩_∩)O 有不明白的请继续追问(*^__^*)

Here is a picture for you

问句:What is this in english?这个东西用英语说叫什么? 答句:it's a picture book。这是一本图画书。


根据后面的描述,可以知道为: Is she reading a picture book? Yes,she is. 译文:她现在正在看图画书吗?是的,她是。 reading要用现在进行时,表示正在发生的动作。

The picture has two people. The woman is mother, she hand a book, staring at the other people. Then the other one is Xiao Ming. And he looks at his mother with a blank face. His mother said: I am on the book diet. Whenever I ne...

two second 玛丽有两本书 第二本书是一本图画书。 望采纳 祝学习进步

I have a picture book.The book is on the desk. A改成The。因为前面已经提及,所以后来指的就是前面的那个东西,特指。

C 试题分析:考察固定搭配。固定搭配be intended for…目的在于…,为了….;旨在于…;句意:这些图画书就是为了那些刚刚开始学习中国汉字的孩子的。故C正确。点评:固定搭配是学习语言的重要环节。要掌握好英语,记忆相当数量的词组是必不可少的。...

这本书更加完美地描写了关于法国大革命的内容 关于法国大革命该书给予了更加完美的描述


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