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yEs.()A niCE CAkE!

what 感叹句 What + a/an +形容词+可数名词单数+主语+谓语!”。 ********************************************************************* 祝学习进步!如果不明白,请再问;如果对你有所帮助, 请点击本页面中的“选为满意回答”按钮,谢谢! ****...


How nice the cake is! 有帮助请采纳~不懂欢迎追问~

How nice the cake is!

两种方法 以what开头的感叹句 What a nice cake it is. 以how开头 How nice that cake is

How nice a cake.


what a nice cake! ( Who)do you buy the cake for? 这蛋糕真漂亮!你买给谁的?

My mother made a nice cake as a birthday gift。 应该是这样

That is a nice cake which is a circle.


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