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My English TeacherI have many teachers,but my favourite teacher is my English teacher Miss XXX.我有许多英语老师但是我最喜欢的英语老师是XXX.She is tall and thin,in my eyes she is the most beautiful teacher woman in the world.She is so kind.

My (我的)favourite(最喜爱的) teacher(老师) -------------精锐五角场

友,自己选一篇吧<一>My Teacher-我的老师 My favourite teacher is Miss Huang. She is a beautiful lady. She has two big eyes, a high nose and a little red mouth. there is

my english teachermr. 濮 is our english teacher. he is 30 years old .he looks very young .he is fond of playing basketball . he is not only my teacher but also my best friend .he is strict with me in my english .he often tells us jokes .he asks us to play

Teacher Hello! My name is XXX. This year 1 year old. Interest is a cartoonist. English a little bit of foundation. I was a boy. I'm an honest child. I might tell you. This essay I asked my brother how to write. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha I really was a truthful child I can only be good = =.. science


C wearingwearing adj. 使人疲乏的,令人厌烦的 我们的老师很烦

This is miss zhou

My favorite teacher is Miss Wang. She is a English teacher. She is really a wonderful teacher. She is beautiful and admirable. She know a lot of knowledge. But she is strict with us. I like her very much.我最喜欢的老师是王老师.她是一位英语老师.她真的是个好老师.她很美丽、令人钦佩.她懂很多知识.但她对我们很严格.我很喜欢她.

as is known to us 众所周知.which is known to us 这件事我们大家都知道. 为便于理解,举例如下:XXX, as is ,is a teacher. 众所周知,XXX是一名教师.XXX has become a teacher at last, which is kown to us. XXX终于成为了一名教师,这件事大家都知道了.仅供参考,O(∩_∩)O~


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