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woulD likE是什么意思

"would like"意思是:想要单标:英 [wud laik] 美 [wʊd laɪk] would like 想 、想要 They would like to hand over their financial affairs to another body. 他们想把自己的财务移交给另一个机构管理。 I would like my wedding cak...

would like 英[wud laik]美[wʊd laɪk] 释义 想要 网络 愿意; 表示愿意 双语例句 1 What would you like? 您想要点什么? 2 Mazda currently builds 70% of its production in Japan, a level it would like to reduce to 50%. 目前,...

意思是你想要点什么?答句可以很多,如 I like a cup of coffee(我想要杯咖啡),a piece of bread(一块面包)或者 I like a cup of juice(我想要杯果汁), a piece of sandwich(一块三文治)、、、

We would like to do 我们想做..... 双语对照 例句: 1. The first thing that we would like to do is to view a list of all the tasks. 我们首先要添加的的功能就是以一个列表的形式查看所有的事项。 2. There are many examples in other sec...

would like to [英] [wud laik tu:][美] [wʊd laɪk tu] [词典] 愿意,想要,意欲; [例句] We would like to thank them for their patience and understanding. 我们要感谢他们的耐心和理解。

我愿意你去....,如:i would like you to see me tomorrow.我愿意让你明天来看我。

情态动词➕实义动词 用法

what would you like 你想要点什么;你喝什么 双语例句 1. What would you like to be? 你的意愿是什么? 2. Have you thought about asking -- I mean, in your prayers could you ask something like: 'What would you like me to know, God? ...

你好。would like to express,翻译成中文是:想表达。 ——————希望帮到你,满意请采纳。


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