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应该是这个吧? 曲名:Why 歌手:LS3 歌词: I never dreamed just one single night Would change the course of both of our lives. Forever and Always Can't believe we had to end this way. And I Never thought the last time I would sa...


Do you understand what I said? 只要把后面那个疑问句的语序调换一下变化一下动词的过去式就可以了,初中语法。

what did he say他说了什么 和what he said什么他说

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQa60u1zPdE Jason Derulo - Whatcha Say

what i said是名词性质,表示我说过的话:Do you understand what i said? what did i say本身就是一个是句子。“我刚才说的什么?”


用网易云可以搜到这个歌 有歌词

What Makes You BeautifulOne DirectionYou're insecureDon't know what foryou're turning heads When you walk through the doorDon't need make upto cover upBeing the way that you are is enoughEveryone else in the room can see itEver...

你听听是不是这首,我开始找搜到你的,后来找到了,不是say,是stay,soldier-samantha jade,对的话给分哈。


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