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Treasure(珍惜)true love(真爱)I won't give up loving you until the earth disappear(我不会放弃爱你直到地球毁灭)

W walk besides you 与你同行AAt here waiting for you 在这里等着你Ccare about every thing about you 关心你所有的一切Ssing a song for you 为你唱一首属于你的歌Jyou jump i jump 你跳我也跳 (泰坦尼克号的经典对话)祝你好运呢

Want you in my mind every single secondAll i wish is to make you mineGuarding you in my armsQuestion myself whether you could understand. 我编啊编啊编出来的,还凑合吧?累死了……

warm温暖 honey甜蜜 loyal忠诚

With your smile, with your scent, sunshine is always by my side.有你的气味和微笑,我的心里充满眼光 Whatever you do, wherever you go, sweet mood will be around you.无论你做什么,去哪儿,都希望你有好的心情

What is loveZooming are our blood every time we kissZombies will we be the day we have to break up词汇量有限 只能编成这样了 凑合看吧

wish you have a wonderful lifezealous heart always ready for youhow much i love you

When we meet,fireworks explode and i can see the right man stand in front of me,wonderful love is going to begain.自造,押韵,望采纳!

When i set my eyes on youYou into my worldMay be this is what love at the first sight当我第一次看到你时,你就成为了我的世界,或许这就是所谓的一见钟情如果是一个字一句话,请追问,字数有限

Love with zest (有激情的爱)Love with zero conditions (无条件的爱)


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