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teacher 层次较为低的老师 lecturer 高水准的 instructor 指导老师 再看看别人怎么说的.


My English teacher is very pretty. She appears to be in her 40s. She has a son. (这句话显得很突然) My English teacher is always strict with us, but sometimes she's also amiable and kind to us. She's humorous, too. On April Fool's day, she told us


teacher 意思是:教师,教员,老师.

老师"的英语是:teacher.英音 [ti:t] 美音 [tit] 双语例句:1、我把我的答案和老师的对照一下,发现我有个地方错了.I compared my answers with the teacher's and found I had made a mistake.2、师斥责了一个在课堂上说话的女生.A teacher reprimanded a girl for talking in class.3、老师常常把我和另外一个同姓的男孩搞混了.The teacher often mixed me up with another boy of the same family name.

teacher读音 [英]:['ti:t(r)] [美]:[tit] n. 教师,教员,老师,先生;[航]教练机 复数:teachers 例句:1. Success is a lousy teacher. 成功是个差劲的老师.2. You are a terrific teacher. 你是教学很棒的老师.3. Our philosophy teacher is

My favourite teacher is my English teacher, her name is Mrs. Zhang. She's very pretty and very nice to us. She has long/short hair and big brown eyes. Not like other teachers, she always tries to make friends with the students and she always try to

你自己选一个,字数和难度在递减,高中选1,初中2,小学3.,然后对照现实修改下名字啊什么的.1.My English teacher is a worman, we call her teacher XX(老师的名字名字). She is wearing a pair of glasses. She is quite patient and kind.


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