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rush out是什么意思

rush out 英 [ r aut ] 美 [ r at ] 释义 仓促地跑出 赶着生产出 冲出1." What do you want to rush out for this way?" 你这么冲出去有什么好处 呢 ?2.He could rush out an edition a few hours in advance of his rivals.他能比同行抢先几个小时出版.3.Thirty factories were organized to rush out the high - tension ground lights.组织了30多家工厂来赶制高压地灯.

rush out of 意思是:冲出,强调已经出来;rush out from意思是:从冲出,强调冲出的地方.例如: 1. the reporter was given the bum's rush out of the club. 记者被驱逐离开俱乐部. 2. but the germans rush out of the ball to the goal. 但德国队队员都冲出了禁区,打了一个反越位. 3. tears rush out from my heart. 泪水从我的心中翻腾涌出.

rush out of英 [r aut v] 美 [r at v] v.奔出; [例句]You rush out of the picture, no tears left, bearing in mind the only right you miss. 你们匆匆忙忙的离去,没有眼泪留下,心中承载的只是对你们的思念.

1. 突然出现 2. 冲出去 3. 冲出,将大量地赶制出来

rush out of 和rush out from 都是冲出的意思,不过rush out from是从……冲出

rush off: 匆忙紧急的意思rush out:跑出去的意思



你好!rush out of 和rush out from都是冲出的意思,只不过rush out from是从……冲出如有疑问,请追问.


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