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nou only But Also同义词

as well asas well as跟not only but also同义,但as well as侧重于前项(即as well as前面的一个词),not only but also则侧重于后项(即but also后面的词).例如She works in a restaurant in the evening as well as doing a full-time job during the day. Shakespeare was not only a writer but also an actor.

是 both and

not only……but also 的同义词语both and

你好!both and 如有疑问,请追问.


not only but also只在not only 后面倒装,but also后面不到装 not only this but also they can 这样就好了 比如:not only can i speak english but also i can speak chinese.

我觉得是 neithernor 或 eitheror 或 bothand

also 也 用在主语和动词之间.She also likes swimming.too 也 用于句末,并且用逗号将它和前面的句子隔开.I like camping, too.

不但而且 ;不仅还 的意思1.连接两个并列关系的成分,着重强调后者2.若连接句子,not only放句首时,后面要倒装3.not only和 but also后面的词词性相同4.not only只能连用but also即可连用,也可分开用..在网上还有很多希望可以帮到你

I and my father watch TV every day.(我和我爸每天都看电视)你那一句的翻译是不仅我,而且我爸每天都看电视.是not only不是nor only,不信回去查一下.not onlybut also要用就近原则,所以watch用第三人称单数watches,我给你的那句watch用原形就行了!希望对你有帮助.


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