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How do you look back on your time at Liverpool? 你怎样回头看你在利物浦的职业生涯? When Skinner looks back at the door, THEA is there. 当斯金纳回头看门口的时候,西娅在那里。

look强调动作;see表示动作的结果。 He looked back at the dog and saw it still coming after him.

I like to look back on my high-school days, which were the happiest in my life. 我喜欢回顾我的中学时代, 那是我生命中最快乐的时光。

两个都有回顾的意思,只是look back多了一个回头看的意思 look back 回头看 例句: Looking back the way we had come, we could see the whole valley spread out behind us. 回头看来路时,我们可以看见整个河谷展现在身后。 look back on vt. ...

i look back over his shoulder 我回头看他 i look back over his shoulder 我回头看他

Our life depends on money. Don't make fun of us. This Could date back to the thirteenth centry. I'm on good terms with my relatives. I look on him as a good friend. He usually don't allow me to play with Jack. there are a varie...

Don't look back 不要回头看 双语对照 例句: 1. Rest stop 2 don't look back. 可骇休息站2:别回头。 2. Come with me and don't look back. 跟我来,不要回头看。


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