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made in spain 西班牙产 例句1 So, we can conclude that every Alhambra guitar was made in Spain. 因此,我们可以得出结论,每阿罕布拉吉他是在西班牙.2 My buckles are made in Spain by the best craftsmen alive since the Bronze Age.我的皮带扣由青铜器时代以来最优秀的工匠在西班牙制成.

晕,这是OEM贴牌生产啊.阿迪,耐克不也MADE IN CHINA吗? 21世界什么最贵,品牌~~~

In ten years, I want to be a writer. I'll meet plenty of interested people . I'm going to work by subway every. It's good for earth. I think I'll live in Beijing, because I will work there. I maybe become a famous people . Maybe I will be able to take my family to


castle in Spain[英][ksl in spen][美][ksl n spen]海市蜃楼; 西班牙城堡请采纳

这是It is adj to do sth 句式 It是形式主语 真正的主语是后面的不定式短语to have lunch at 3 pm .

Spain's spring is warm.It's green and green.Grass green,sea green,big green and snake green.In summer of spain.It's hot.The fruits are ripening.Pineapples,grapes,durians and so on.Autumn.It's hot too.

有made in spain的,少一些而已.made in france、spain或者italy的细节上有一些不同,但只要是专柜购买来源可靠都是正品.


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