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i hAvE A nEw CoAt For you.改为,同义句

I buy a new coat for you.

i buy a new coat for you.

否定句: l won't bug a new coat for you. 我不给买你新外套。 例句: He turned off the television, put on his coat and walked out. 他关掉电视,穿上外套,出门了。 When Michelle Obama and the president stepped out of their limousin...

Does your brother have a new coat? (作否定回答) No, he doesn't. No, he does not

变疑问句为 Have you got a new coat? 还有什么疑难请继续追问哦~\(≧▽≦)/~

I haven't got a new coat.

我想为奶奶订一件新外套。 new coat 新外套 grandma 祖母,奶奶 order:下单

dresses in

He played football yesterday. He bought a new coat last week. He has had a letter from Tom. He was busy this morning. He could play ...

借助助动词do. Do you want to buy anew coat?


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