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how A niCE photo!对吗?还是WhAt或WhErE

how a nice photo对了

这是个典型的感叹句 what + a/an + 形容词+ 名词 所以用感叹号

thank you

How nice the photo is!

What a nice photo it is!


你好! 正确答案为: A:Hi,Wang Bing.Look _at_____ my family photo. B: What a nice photo!__Who's______ this man? A:____He's___ my uncle,my father's _brother______. B:He looks so tall. A:Yes,he does.He __likes____ playing bask...

They are nice photos.where is his ID card.yes,it is.what colour is the hat.where are his keys.

答案B 根据句意该用比较级. 查看原帖>>

Yes,you are right.


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