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how A niCE DAy修改病句

改为: What a nice day! How nice a day!

结构:how + adj./adv. 故,应改为:How nice a girl !

把 What 改为 How ——— 若有任何疑问可以【直接回复】或是【继续追问】或是【百度hi】我 ~~~~ 尽量在最短的时间内回复 ~~~ 亲~~要是满意的话【选为满意答案】吧(*^__^*),顺便【赞】一个 或者【追加分】~~o(>_

Chinese food is nice. 中国的食物是好的。 ( food 是统一名称, 使用 is )

have you ever seen a nice place nor this one 是病句 nor 改为except

I am going to have a nice trip with my parents. This is the best day of the year 或 this is one of the better days of the year

I really enjoyed playing with you and Helen ...


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