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how A niCE DAy修改病句

结构:how + adj./adv. 故,应改为:How nice a girl !

改为: What a nice day! How nice a day!

How nice the food is! How表示程度,译为这事物太好吃了!

I am going to have a nice trip with my parents. This is the best day of the year 或 this is one of the better days of the year

photo 改为 photos 正确: Three nice photos are there. 或 Here three nice photos are. here引导的倒装句, 结构:Here + 主语+ 谓语(be), 如果不理解,可以记住经典句子: Here you are! are 放在句尾 注:原句的单词写错了,不是tree(树...

今天你看起来不错 这句话是对的,可以这样说


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