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将来, 未来 in future 今后,往后 in the future 将来,未来

n. 未来;前途;期货;将来时adj. 将来的,未来的in the future 在将来 in future 从今以后,往后 for the future 将来;从今以后 in the near future 在不久的将来 future development 未来的发展前景,未来发展 near future 不久的将来 bright future 光明的


a.将来的 n.将来,未来;前途[ pl.]期货

future未来双语对照词典结果:future[英][fju:t(r)][美][fjut]adj.将来的,未来的; [语法学]将来时的; n.前途; [美国俚语]未婚妻; 期货; 复数:futures

My future is not a dream,I am sure it will come ture with my effort.So I think in my future I will be a good chief.I want to cook many delicious food for all people,I like to see their happy smile when they eat my cooked food.And that is my life aim,so from

In the future, I want to be a teacher, because teacher can teach students and tell them what is good, what is bad. teacher also know many things, can give us the right way to study. teacher can give us the knowledge, help others to find a good job in

future ['fju:t] adj. 将来的 n. 将来,未来 n. 期货

Everyone dreams about the future. Someone ants to be a doctor because he/she hopes to help people. Someone wants to be a basketball player because he/she is good at


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