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For A whilE什么意思

for a while 释义:暂时;一会儿 读音:英 [f: hwail] 美 [fr e hwal] 例句:1、They walked on in silence for a while 他们继续默默无语地走了一会儿.2、I'll make the tea and you pop off for a while 我来备茶,你去歇一会儿吧.单词解析:


for a whileadv.片刻暂时;一会儿;一时例句1.Relax for a while before going to bed.睡觉前放松一会儿.2.I faltered for a while and was still unable to make a decision.我踌躇了一阵,还是无法做决定.3.Pleas open your hand. Press it with this bit of

in a while 前面都用一般将来时,表示在之后的一段时间内 for a while前面一般用现在完成时,表示从过去到现在一段时间

你好,很高兴在这里回答你的问题:一会 暂时 一段时间

for a while 暂时,一时 double shot双重射击;双箭齐发(射击时连射两箭) 例句:If you want to be macho, order a double shot of espresso.若你想要有男子气概,就点双份的意大利浓缩咖啡.

or a while now的意思是有那么一小会. 例句: 1)We've been growing apart for a while now but today we officially part ways. 我们在一起已经有一些时日了,但是,从今天开始,我们将分道扬镳. 2).Big Ben also has more followers than Tower Bridge and London Bridge, both of which have been online for a while now. 现在大笨钟的粉丝比塔桥和伦敦桥这些开推时间较长的账号粉丝还要多了


for a time 一段时间,也有一度的意思 He couldn't talk for a time because of sore throat.由於喉咙痛他一度不能说话 for a while 一会儿 I need to stop for a while.我需要停一下 for a time可以形容比较长的时间段

for a while 意思是“一会儿、暂时” 用于任何时态 Now that I am free, I can enjoy music for a while. (一般将来时) She lay musing for a while. (一般过去时,她沉思了一会儿) Could you please keep slilence for a while? (一般现在时) 还可用

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