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festival是节日的意思,中国的节日比如中秋节:mid-autumn festival 最后有个节字,就翻译作festival

FestivalFestival, according to the dictionary meaning, is a day or period of time set aside for feasting and celebration. However, as the time passes by, fewer and fewer people have really penetrated this term. Especially for teenagers, they just take it


festival= adj. 1. 节日的,喜庆的 n. 1. 节日,喜庆日;庆祝典礼2. 贺宴;会演;(定期)音乐节 有用请纳

n.节日;庆祝,纪念活动;欢乐 作为名词,前面可以用如下一些介词 They are gathering flowers for the festival. 他们正在采集节日用花. The attendants at the festival was averaged at about one hundred persons. 参加节庆的人大约有百人之众.

the spring festival, also know as the lunar new year, is the greatest traditional festival. it is usually a time between late january or early february, which means rest and relaxation between winter and spring after a year's toil, and means celebration as

语法标注解释 festival英音:['festvl]美音:['fstvl] festival的中文翻译名词 n. 1.节日,喜庆日[C]Christmas is one of the major festivals in the United States of America. 圣诞节是美国的主要节日之一. 2.(定期举行的)音乐节,戏剧节[C]Our

festival 是传统的节日,如Spring Festival 春节.holiday 英式英语常见,表假期,特指按国家规定不工作的日子,如public holiday 公休日vacation 美国英语常见,与holiday同义,指任何节假日.还有一种leave: 指 工作中的休假.



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