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dustedvt.& vi.拂(一拂),掸(dust的过去式与过去分词形式); 形近词:rustedgustedduster双语例句 1He dusted all the furniture and then polished it.他拂去家具上的灰尘,然后把它们擦亮.

[美] [dst] [英] [dst] 名词 1 灰尘,尘土 His clothes were covered with dust. 他衣服上全是灰尘. 2 粉末 3 遗骸 4【英】灰烬;垃圾 5 屈辱 The dust has cleared. 骚乱已经平息了. 6 一文不值的东西 7 骚动,混乱 8 金粉 9【美】【俚】钱,现钱

hermetically生词本去背诵英 [h:'metkl] 美 [h:'metkl]adv.密封地,炼金术地网 络密封地;不透气;不透气地;与外界隔绝1. The containers loaded with the dough are hermetically closed. 装药团的容器应紧密密封.2. And the boudoir - grand piano, beautifully dusted , hermetically sealed as ever. 还有这座小三角式钢琴, 收拾得洁无纤尘, 照旧严封固扃.


ash 英 [] 美 [] n. 灰;灰烬 n. 白蜡树;白蜡木(复)ashes:骨灰;废墟;苍白.用作名词 (n.) She dusted some ash from her sleeve.她掸去袖子上的灰末.Wood ash should be forked or dug into the soil.木灰应被耙入或插进土壤里.

,,Our First Day in Winter Holiday The winter holiday began today. The Spring Festival will come soon. So my sister and I decided to help our mother to clean the room. In the afternoon we began the cleaning. We first dusted the walls. The walls turned

done形容词 adj.1.已完成 I have got to go out as soon as this job is done.完成这项工作后我马上就要出去.2.煮熟的 The meat's ready but the vegetables still are not done.肉食已经好了, 蔬菜还未做好.3.合乎礼仪;合乎规矩;得体感叹词 interj.

dust 英 [dst]美 [dst] n.灰尘;(建筑物内、家具或地板等上的)灰尘;遗骸,尸体,人体,人;〈口〉金粉,粉末,粉剂,花粉 vt.& vi.拂(一拂),掸(一掸) vt.撒(粉)于;擦去…的灰尘;擦灰;掸去 过去分词:dusted 现在进行时:

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