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discuss 与 discussion 一、discuss的用法1. 表示“讨论”,是及物动词,其后直接跟宾语,不要按汉语习惯在其后使用介词 on, about 等.如:他拒绝讨论这个问题.误:He refused to discuss about [on] the matter.正:He refused to discuss the

attention attainment performance balance management compliance entertainment government detention solution tension function motion 是不可数名词 discussion 不是不可数名词

discussion英 [dskn] 美 [dskn] n.讨论,谈论;详述,论述复数: discussions 双语例句 There was a lot of discussion about the wording of the report.关于此则报道的措辞议论纷纷.


1.A discussion Can secondary school students to use computers?I think we can.Because the computer can help us to get a lot of useful informations/information and send and receive e-mails fast and convenient/conveniently. Computers can help


discussion的意思是:讨论,议论,辩论.如果强调是开了一个讨论会,常为可数;如:a heated discussion about sth 关于某事的讨论会 但表示议论,争辩是常为不可数.如:The incident caused much discussion among the public.这件事在公

discussion 是相互讨论相同东西. debate 则是需要一方同意主题, 但另一方反对, 成辩论过程.

on 有关于的意思,谈论某事,就是谈论关于某事的意思 over也有关于的意思,但更强调整个事情的全部 about也有关于的意思 一、discuss的用法1. 表示“讨论”,是及物动词,其后直接跟宾语,不要按汉语习惯在其后使用介词 on, about 等.

有,比如1.Our discussions led to complete unanimity.我们的讨论取得了完全一致的意见.2.when you discuss something: class discussions3.discussion about high-level discussions about trade and commerce



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