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deliver[英]dlv(r)[美]dlvvt.发表;递送;交付;使分娩vi.投递;传送[例句]This means we deliver more value than expected.这意味着我们我们提供客户超过其期望的价值.

deliver 表示 实现,履行这样的意思这里 deliver for American people表示为……实现某事(那么引申就有服务的含义了)

deliver [diliv] vt. & vi. 递送, 交付 the telegram was delivered early this morning. 这份电报是今天清晨送到的. vt. 发言 mr. smith delivered the opening speech. 史密斯先生致开幕词. 助产 the midwife delivered her sister. 那位助产护士给她妹妹

deliver的意思是:1、vt. 交付;发表;递送;释放;给予(打击);给…接生2、vi. 实现;传送;履行;投递3、n. 投球读音:英 [dlv(r)] 美 [dlvr] 短语:1、Deliver Hope 传递希望 ; 递送希望2、deliver up 交出 ; 把…交出来 ;

deliver vt. 交付;发表;递送;释放;给予(擐奈赤莆俦牌稠禺椽霜打击);给…接生 vi. 实现;传送;履行;投递 n. 投球

词性及解释 Part of speech and definition vt. 递送, 陈述, 释放, 发表, 引渡, 投递, 交付 【经】 交运 例句 Sentences Deliver groceries; deliver the mail. 运送食品;投递邮件 Can you deliver this? 你帮我送货吗? To deliver a counterpunch.

delivery 运送

deliver [di'liv][vt.](邮件、货物等)投递,递送,分送,分发,送交;传送;运输:例句: to deliver mails / 投递邮件例句: to deliver a package / 投递包裹放弃;转让;引渡;移交,交出,交付(over,up):例句: they delivered the thief over

deliver和ship之间的区别是: deliver的意思是 (1)vt.交付;发表;递送;使分娩. 01The Canadians plan to deliver more food to southern Somalia . 加拿大计划向索马里南部地区运送更多的食品. 02They have yet to show that they can really

release常用释放,还有release from (duty,task)这种搭配,免去某人的职责义务.这组词里应该是用它的发布的意思,搭配做release sth (to sb)比如the latest development have been released to the media.issue做发布,和上面类似也是issue sth (to



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