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CoulD you sAy somEthing ABout your FAmily mEmBErs

My name is xxx.I live very happy with my family.There are 3 family member in my family,which is my father,mother,and me. My father is a teacher.He is teaching at XXX college and have XX years teaching experience. He is very talented and kind.My

Yes, of course!My father is a/an(introducing his vocation ).and he likes doing/to do My mother is a/anWe always go hiking/swimming on weekends(or other activities/hobbies) 仅供参考哈,可以以这种模式展开


my favorite sport is basketball. playing basketball makes me keep healthy. it is the most popular sport in our school. not only do students play it, but also teachers love playing it. playing basketba is part of my life. i usually play it five times a week. i really love it.

Would you please speak something about your family?是改错吧?把speak改成say.因为speak+语言,只有say sth about sb/ sth如果我的回答对你有所帮助,请点击本页面中的“选为满意回答”按钮,谢谢!

i can say something about my grandpa ,but not yours

There are three people in my family:my father,my mothe and I.Our family members love each other and we have a family party on weekends.可以吗


tell sb about sth 告诉某人某事

Can you tell me something about your family. 你可否告诉我一些关于你家庭的事.



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