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A young and horny couple was managing a public toilet. They found that the public toilet was not use at all by the people even they ...

toilet:专指厕所(大小便的地方),抽水马桶、便池。 英语释义:A toilet is a large bowl with a seat, or a platform with a hole, which is connected to a water system and which you use when you want to get rid of urine or faeces fr...

toilet water: n. 花露水 a perfumed liquid lighter than cologne 或许是,外国的厕所没有蚊子,还有花香的味道吧!用toilet water为花露水 就此告诫大家,好好保持厕所的卫生! 希望采纳

不太一样,不过tissue所指范围比较大,有时候也用tissue paper表示toilet paper tissue paper一般指棉纸,薄纸,包装纸等 专指厕所用的还是用toilet paper来表示吧

北美有两种说法: where is washroom(加拿大);where is restroom?(美国)。Toilet通常指座便器,不当作厕所,当然你用这个次人家也明白。


boy [bɔɪ] toilet [ˈtɔɪlət] 两个的发音是一样的,可以看看。 望采纳!

员工活动室Staff Room 会议室Meeting Room 贵宾室VIP Room (VIP--very important person) 会宾室Guest room 男更衣室Male changing room 司机室Driver ...

1. Waste water can be used to wash the toilet. 2. Please don't repeat my words.

1 Is the toilet dirty ? 2 They are libraries 3 This tall boy is thin 4 The mouse doesn't have a short tail 5 What is colour of the kite?


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