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BE on vACAtion什么意思

be on vacation意思是:在度假.1、be on 英 [bi: n] 美 [bi n] 已经开始了,接受打赌,上映.例句:We were glad to be on dry land again.再一次踏上陆地我们很高兴.2、vacation 英 [vken] 美 [veken, v-] n.假期,休假,[古]

on holiday是一个固定搭配,翻译为在度假.on holiday:英 [n hldi] 美 [n hlde] adv.在度假 例句:I take an assortment of clothes on holiday, as a provision against the vagaries of the weather.我带了各种衣服去度假,以防天气突变

be on vacation是正在度假 go on vacation/take a vacation/go for vacation都是去度假 可以混用其中go for vacation 较随意可通过“go for a walk去随便走走”来理解 do for vacation为度假做准备 引申为去度假 What are you doing for vacation?是在为度假做什么准备 What are you doing on vacation?是在度假时做了什么 从翻译可以看出区别吧(*^__^*) 嘻嘻……


go on vacation是去度假的意思be on vacation是在度假中的意思

be on a vacation在度假 go on a vacation 去度假 如不明白请追问,如果满意请【采纳】 祝学习进步

on holiday在度假


for vacation 是“为了度假”的意,例如,i'll ask for three days leave for vacation.我将请三天假去度假. on vacation 是在度假的意思,例如,liming will be back in three days for he is on vacation.李明在度假,要三天后回来.

意为在度假,holiday是假期,这个词组的同义词组是go on (a)vacation

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