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be of practical use 是实际使用 双语对照 例句:1."To build up a global directory of knowledge that would be of practical use to anyone eithermoving to, or buying property in, an overseas location," he says. “建立这样一个知识库对那些想移民或是海外置业的人是非常有用的”,他说.----------------------------------- 如有疑问欢迎追问!满意请点击右上方【选为满意回答】按钮

be of + 名词 = be + 形容词有实际用处的意思

有实际作用practical knowledge and practical skill 实际知识和实际技术(强调现实)例如with development of technology, what students learn at college to some extent fails to meet the enterprise practical needs little by little because of the graduate's lack of practical knowledge.

固定搭配 同 it is of great importance to如果不加of的话 后面应该跟形容词 如 it is important to而practical use 是名词 不能去掉of直接跟it is后面

be used to后加动词原型指被用来……;后加动词ing形式是指习惯于……be used for指用于……

一、“be of+抽象名词”,这时的of短语相当于这个名词的同根形容词,作为表语表示主语的性质或特征.of的意思是“具有、具备”等,常用于该结构的名词常见的有 of use=useful;of nouse=useless;of importance=important等.如:The matter

译文:坚持……是实用的.to stick to是真正主语.be of + n = be + adj这里的be of practical use=be practically useful常用的名词:use, value, importance, help等如:The book is of great value.

be in use正在被使用use这里是名词


前者是形容词“有用的” 后者常用于被动语态,“XX被用作”


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