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be surprised at和be surprised to的区别:1、be surprised at 对……感到很惊奇,be surprised at 后面接"sb/sth某人或者某物"2、be surprised to 惊奇地做某事,be surprised to 后面接“do sth做某事” 拓展资料 be surprised at1、This is nothing

be familiar with 英[bi: fmilj wi]美[bi fmlj w] v.熟悉; 认识 网络 很熟悉; 谙熟; 对…熟悉 例句 1 his fans would already be familiar with caroline. 他的崇拜者们肯定已经很熟悉卡罗琳了. 2 after six years, most users should

be nervous about 对 感到紧张 I'll be nervous about speaking in your presence.一见你在我讲话就紧张了.be nervous of 害怕 ; 对 胆怯 She was nervous of meeting strangers, but she put on a bold front and went to the party.她怕见陌生人,然而她却装出一副勇敢的样子去参加聚会.

be nervous about 会紧张的 双语对照 词典结果:网络释义1. ..紧张 例句:1.Mr jin says he can understand why people might be nervous about china's rise. 金先生表示他可以理解为什么外界人民会对中国的崛起感到紧张.----------------------------------- 如有疑问欢迎追问!满意请点击右上方【选为满意回答】按钮

be concerned about 是“关心、挂念”的意思;be concerned about sth是“关心某事”的意思be concerned with是“参与、干预”的意思;be concerned with sth是“与什么有关联”的意思

be yourself 英文发音:[bi jself] 中文释义:做自己;做你自己;作你自己;忠于自己;做回自己 例句:Don't try to mimic anybody. You have to be yourself if you are going to do your best 不要试图仿效任何人,要是你想做到最好,就得做你

be confident in 对某人有信心 例如:I am confident in myself.我对自己有信心!be confident of 对做什么事情有信心/确信干什么事 He is confident of getting the first place.他对拿第一有信心/他确信拿第一.be confident of doing. 自己对做事,某事



be involved in 包括……中,被卷入……中;涉及到…… 卷人 大学英语考试四级词组(三)形容词 make provision for 为…作准备 be involved in 卷人,陷入 be assigned to 被分配给… 基于390个网页-相关网页卷入 英语六级常出现的超纲词


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