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adopt: [ 'dpt ] v. 采用,收养,接受 例句与用法: 1. As they had no children of their own, they adopted an orphan. 他们没有亲生儿女,就收养了一个孤儿. 2. She has been adopted as Labour candidate for York. 她被提名为约克郡的工党候选

您好,adopt 的几种常用短语有:1)have somebody adopted 将某人交于某人收养2)tend to adopt 往往采用某 3)decide to adopt 决定采用 4)be forced to adopt 被迫采用 5)legally adopt 合法收养 6)formally / officially adopt 正式采用

adapt sth to 适应 atopt采用 没有adopt sth to 这样的短语,但是可以用来表示用某物来做某事 比如 sb ___ sth to teach englishonline 就用adopt

动词,常用短语,accompany with,accompany by,当作为及物动词时后面可以跟宾语.

be absorbed in专心于

on 的固定词组:(1) on Sunday (2) on duty(3) on Christmas (4) on one's birthday(5) on one's way to(6) on the tree(7) on the left (8) on the east of(9) on foot (10)on behalf of(11)on time (12)on and on(13)on business (14)on leave(15)on the back

1.at press time 在发稿时, 到发稿时为止2.at (the) press (=in press; come to the press) 已付印, 在印刷中3.be hard pressed 受到猛烈攻击, 面临强大的攻势; 被逼得很紧, 经济困难4.be hard pressed for money 拮据, 手头很紧5.be pressed

decide vt. 决定, 判决 vi. 决定, 判决 vt. 1. 决定;决意[+wh][+tov][+(that)] They decided that John must stay there. 他们决定约翰必须留在那里. She decided to live in London. 她决定住在伦敦. 2. 使下决心;使决断[O2] What was it that finally

confident 形容词 "自信的"confidence 名词"自信"一个是形容词,一个是名词而己,confidence 常与with连用,表示对“人”或“事”自信.

In the morning\afternoon\evening in a tin-pot way 蹩脚的,低劣的 in a trance 处于恍惚状态之中的 in a walk 轻而易举的 in a way 有点,几分 in a whirl 混乱的 in a whole skin 安然无恙 in a word 总之


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