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adopt: [ 'dpt ] v. 采用,收养,接受 例句与用法: 1. As they had no children of their own, they adopted an orphan. 他们没有亲生儿女,就收养了一个孤儿. 2. She has been adopted as Labour candidate for York. 她被提名为约克郡的工党候选

The family have adopted three children as their own.这个家庭已经收养了3个孩子.

1. i would like to have a cup of water. 2. my favorite hobby is watching films 3. i live my my mother. 4. i am from beijing 5. he works as a doctor. 6. he is friendly to everyone 7. they are keen on skating.

adapt sth to 适应 atopt采用 没有adopt sth to 这样的短语,但是可以用来表示用某物来做某事 比如 sb ___ sth to teach englishonline 就用adopt

Great Wall has absorbed the whole world's atttention长城吸引了全世界人的目光.Large nations shouldn't absorb smaller ones.大国不应当吞并小国.I adopted a child.我收了一个养子.I adopted the report.我接受了这份报告.I don't take alcohol.

adapt vt.使适应, 改编 adopt vt.采用, 收养 adept adj.熟练的, 拿手的 n.老手, 擅长者

1. If I tell you the secret, you will be completely taken aback.2. He might be taken aback by the popular sympathy for his plight.3. She was taken aback at the question.

You should adopt a positive attitude towards the challenge.

teachers and parents expect us to get good grades 老师跟父母希望我们能取得好成绩


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