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ADApt to造句

adapt ['dpt t] vt.使适应, 改编 例子:He always adapted easily to new circumstances.他总是很容易使自己适应新的环境.固定搭配1.(使)适应,适合;改编,改写 adapt to (使)适应,适合;改编,改写2.使适应,使适和 adapt to 使适

You should adapt your products to the market's requirements

he always adapted easily to new environment. 他总是很容易使自己适应新的环境.

adapt sth to 适应 atopt采用 没有adopt sth to 这样的短语,但是可以用来表示用某物来做某事 比如 sb ___ sth to teach englishonline 就用adopt

adapt for vt. 适宜(为改编)Difficult books are sometimes adapted for use in schools. -- 偏难的书籍有时候是为学校使用而改编的.adapt to 适应 例句:He always adapted easily to new circumstances. 他总是很容易使自己适应新的环境.

1.It's not easy to adapt ourselves to new conditions. 2.adapt to固定搭配,自己试试吧.

adjust to英 [dst tu:] 美 [dst tu] 词典调整, 调节网络适应; 调节; 调整双语例句1How did you adjust to college life? 你是如何适应大学生活的?2She needed time to adjust to Clive's declaration. 她需要时间来适应克莱夫的表白.柯林斯例句库

adjust to adapt to 都接doing 表示适应adjust to 还有表示调整 调节的意思 而adapt to 没有

either造句.He just couldn't make up his mind either way.他左想也不是,右想也不是.Like many of you, I get an idea, and either go for it, or not.像你们很多人一样,我有了一个想法,要么实现它,要么不.So either you change your friends or live



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