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ADApt From例子

adapt vt. 使适应;改编vi. 适应 adapt to适应 后加名词 既可以用作不及物动词 如adapt to sth 也可以用作及物动词 如be adapted to doing/sth在此常作“习惯于”的意思等同于be used to 或 be accustomed to 例子 the family quickly adapted to country life这个家庭很快适应了乡村生活. laws are adapted to general persons not to singular ones法不是针对个别人而是针对一般人设计的

这两个短语的意思完全不一样,adatp to 是 使自己适应于 的意思,而adapt from 是根据什么改编的意思.

adapt: 适应,转变 adapt to: 转变到(什么样) adapt for: 为而转变 adapt from: 从转变而来


1, This tv series is adapted from a novel.2, The writer adapted his novel for a movie. 3, He has his shortcomings, but generally speaking he's honest. 4, I run to school out of breath.

首先这并不是句型,只是搭配 第二 be adapted from 是正确的adapt是动词be在之前表被动,则adpat变被动形式即完成时--adpatedfrom表关系

adapt sth to 适应 atopt采用 没有adopt sth to 这样的短语,但是可以用来表示用某物来做某事 比如 sb ___ sth to teach englishonline 就用adopt

英语中有不少单词在拼写上十分相近,但在意义上却大相径庭,需要特别注意区别. adapt与adopt在拼写上只有一个字母的差别,但是它们的词义全然不同. adapt的意思是make suitable, to adjust (使适应,使适合);而adopt的意义是to accept ;to take as one's own (采用,接纳).

adapt [E5dApt] vt. (1) 使适应;使适合 He adapted himself to the cold weather. 他适应了寒冷的天气. When he moved to Canada, the children adapted to the change very well. 他移居加拿大后孩子们很能适应变化. (2) 改编;改装 Here is a

adapt ['dpt t] vt.使适应, 改编 例子:He always adapted easily to new circumstances.他总是很容易使自己适应新的环境.固定搭配1.(使)适应,适合;改编,改写 adapt to (使)适应,适合;改编,改写2.使适应,使适和 adapt to 使适


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