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In this sentence , "reach out to " means "communicate to" , "send a message to" or "some pepole who have to the police what happened there".

Reach Out To The Truth -First Battle-在游戏OST集里

reach out to 英[ri:t aut tu:] 美[rit at tu] 接触,联系,把手伸向 筏户摧鞠诋角搓携掸毛 [例句]Who do you need to reach out to this christmas?这个圣诞节,有谁是你需要接触的?

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Aristotle was the first to watch living things and to try to classify them,to attempt to find out how life begins..


reach out for 相当于一个vt (及物)就是说后面可以直接加sth 伸手够什么东西的意思~sheach out for用法和前者相同,但意义不一样,是 寻找什么东西的意思~reach out意义和reach out for意思是相同的,但是用法不同,他是一个vi(不及物)后面不能直接加sth

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reach out to sb的英文意思是:向某人伸出援手.reach out to的意思是接触,联系,把手伸向.reach out to sb的用法:1、Let's all reach out to the people in need! 让我们对那些需要帮助的人们都伸出手来吧!2、Have a development community



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