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How A niCE girl哪错了?

how应该改成what 满意请采纳,谢谢

结构:how + adj./adv. 故,应改为:How nice a girl !

How改为What 即 What a nice girl ! 多好的一个女孩啊! 分析: 因为gilr 是可数名词单数,感叹名词用What ,而how +形容词/副词 What a nice girl( she is )! =How nice the girl is ! 拓展: 感叹句的类型: 1、What +a/ an +形容词+单数名词+...

感叹句的两种表述方法,一种由“What"引导,一种由"How"引导。 想要表达这个女孩有多好, 可以说: What a nice girl (she is) ! How nice she (the girl) is ! 所以可以看出来, What强调的是人或物(a girl, 或she),而How强调的是形容词的内容...

选择B选项 what a nice girl she is!

1.How+形容词 /副词+主语+谓语 How lovely you are! 2. What+ a/an+形容词+名词(+主语)+谓语 What an enormous crowd came!来了多么大的一群人呀! What+名词+主语+谓语 What lovely flowers those are!那些花多美啊! 这里的...

歌曲名:Nice Girl 歌手:Katie Armiger 专辑:Confessions of a Nice Girl Katie Armiger - Nice Girl I don't know what you done, but you done what you did And now you're telling me that you're not to blame I hear it in your voice, you...

she is lily,is not a nice girl.

is the girls mother a nice drass?



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