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How long the night my love for you will have many long and how deep thoughts,my love for you will have more depth.望采纳.

用金山词霸2009牛津版,里面支持在线翻译…,很好用的……准确率挺高的 Since the 21st century, with the rapid economic and social development and

Political: Gender: Education: Age: Department: National: Professional: By consistently: Health: ◆ knowledge structure: Major courses: Professional courses: Electives: Internship: ◆ Professional skills: Received a full range of university-based

Though I know nothing at all about business, but I can provide a good translation serviceIf the music, movies, the phone can follow you everywhere, family life will be more comfortableHe often do some

中英文在线翻译:Chinese and English online translation汉英在线翻译: Chinese-English online translation英汉在线翻译: English-Chinese online translation译法和英汉字典、汉英字典的译法差不多.


With the economic and social development, tax planning concepts and gradually promote awareness and popularity, this high-level intelligence activities gradually from that. Many taxpayers lost from the past to take their own ways to reduce the tax


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