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这是重新修改过的邮件,翻译成英文。 These are revised emails.

对不起,你的邮件寄错了的英文:I'm sorry, your mail is wrong wrong 读法 英 [rɒŋ] 美 [rɔŋ] 1、adv. 错误地;邪恶地,不正当地 2、n. 坏事;不公正 3、adj. 错误的;失常的;不适当的 4、vt. 委屈;无理地对待;诽谤 短...

"We will in the daily mail staff pick out the need to be modified / error messages, and send you to modify"

有语法错误呢...恕我指出如下: I am really glad that I met you in Beijing in June. 高兴用现在时,见面是过去则用过去时 You and your delegation really impressed all the attendants including me. 大写开头, attendants复数, including We...

I send this email once again, just confirm that you received.

I have informed the information of company address changing by e-mail .

Gmail邮件翻译功能使用步骤 登录自己的Gmail邮箱 点击页面右上角的“设置” 在显示的“设置”页面中点击“实验室”标签,找到里面的“邮件翻译” 选择“启用”项, 点击下面的“保存设置”按钮,就能开启Gmail邮箱的邮件翻译功能了。

您的订单已经发货:Your order has been shipped. 已经收到您的订单:Your order has been received.

Hello,I come from China and own a store that sells aromatic therapy products.Accordingly,I need a large capacity of essential oil,base oil and hydrolat now.I have used XXXX's essential oil and hydrolat products for a long time...

I have not received any responses to this email yet. response to...


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