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这是重新修改过的邮件,翻译成英文。 These are revised emails.

可以用被动语态“Your post has been received.” 也可以用主动语态“I have received your mail.” “I'll tell/inform you(let you know) immediately if it works/moves.”口语化 有进展还可以短语表示: make headway make progress get along get...

要注意“对不起”的意思,其邮件寄错了,你没有任何对不起的。你说的Sorry,是为对方“可惜”,因此邮件寄错了。 I am sorry to tell you that your mail was wrongly delivered.


“请忽略前一封邮件的附件,以这封为准,谢谢。” Please ignore the previous e-mail, and take this one as the criterion. Thank you. 【公益慈善翻译团】真诚为你解答!

有语法错误呢...恕我指出如下: I am really glad that I met you in Beijing in June. 高兴用现在时,见面是过去则用过去时 You and your delegation really impressed all the attendants including me. 大写开头, attendants复数, including We...

楼上惊现机翻达人...这样估计印度客服看不太懂 为了更好的沟通建议全文如下: 用help-contact us-email发送吧 会直接回复到你注册amazon的邮箱里. 一般情况下客服会直接发个$50-10的coupon给你下次支付用的. Hello there My previous order of ph...

The mail has been sent back to you in October 12th, because we don't have bank information so we give you our company's books.


您的订单已经发货:Your order has been shipped. 已经收到您的订单:Your order has been received.


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