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回答和翻译如下: 在阅读周期间。 During the reading week.

回答和翻译如下: 阅读周期间时间似乎过得更快。 Time seems to go faster during the reading week.

We can borrow more books from the library of school during the reading week. During the reading week, we can borrow more books from the library of school.

我这周在期中考试 I'm taking this exam in the middle of the week

in four weeks 在四星期之内 around 在旁边

in one\a week

呃,据我所知,in two weeks是表示“在两周内”,看到in+一段时间,就表示句子要用将来时。after two weeks是“两周后”,句子可用过去式

week 英 [wi:k] 美 [wik] n.一星期,周;工作周(一个星期中的工作时间) 例句: Her mother stayed for another two weeks 她母亲又呆了两个星期。

具体的某一天,介词用on. 如: On the evening of January 16, 2006, Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing held talks with Nigerian Foreign Minister Oluyemi Adeniji in Abuja. 2006年1月16日晚,外交部长李肇星在阿布贾同尼日利亚外长阿德尼吉举行...

你好: 这是一个翻译问题 她每周一次义务去那儿帮助孩子们学会阅读用英语这样说: She goes there once a week to help children learn to read.


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