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in the costse of 或者 during 第一种不常用 例句 1.I am happy during the holiday. 我在假日期间是愉快的。 2.So you were doing that during the training? 那么这就是你在训练期间所做的事? 希望对你有帮助 望采纳 谢谢

在……期间的英语:during,读音:[ˈdjʊərɪŋ]。 during英 [ˈdjʊərɪŋ] 美 [ˈdʊrɪŋ] prep.在…的时候;在…期间,当…之时;其间。 during的用法示例如下: 1.The food in the fr...

1/on one's watch 在迈克尔.戴尔的在任期间发生过很多事情。 And a lot has happened on Michael Dell's watch. 2/while in office 他是法国历史上首位在任期间离婚的总统。 He is the first French president to divorce while in office. 3/du...

During 如果您有更多关于英语学习的问题,请至上海市普陀区长寿路404号三楼咨询。

在……期间的英语:during 读音:英 ['djʊərɪŋ] 美 ['dʊrɪŋ] prep. 在 ... 期间 词汇搭配: 1、during probation试用期间 2、during cycle预置周期 3、nutrition during competition比赛期营养 4、during day...

你好! 在 期间 In the period

在过程中 to be in progress 例句:Your order is in progress. 你的订单正在处理中。 在期间 during the period 例句:The campus are full of students during the period of assessment. 在考试期间学校里遍布了学生。

在旅行期间 during the trip 双语例句 1 我们在旅行期间遇见了许多有趣的人。 We met a lot of interesting people on our travels. 2 在旅行期间,她亲自到加州大学听课,这段经历使她更加坚定了出国留学的决心。 During her tour, Qi had clas...

In his master's study, he was involved in the project research.

when I was in middle school. (中学)


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