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我们都在愉快地学英语We are all learning English happily

They are happy to greet the teacher

愉快 [yú kuài] pleasingpleasantlypleasantcheerfulcheerilydelightfulhappydelighted

愉快的 基本翻译 amused pleasant jolly merry cheerful mirthful 网络释义 愉快的:Piacevole|delighted|cheerful 令人愉快的人:Evelyn|a breath of fresh air 愉快的航行:Navigatris|Sails of Joy

汉译英: 上周末我们一起去野外郊游玩得很开心.last weekend we had fun going on a trip.

游客愉快地笑着,并从他的口袋拿出一本短语集.tourist 游客smile 笑pleasantly 愉快的took out 拿出phrase book 短语集pockt(打错了,应该是pocket)口袋

pleasantly 惊喜 双语对照 词典结果:pleasantly [英]['plezntl][美][plzn:tl] adv.愉快地; 快活地; 和气地; 和蔼地; 以上结果来自金山词霸 例句:1.Old sol endeavoured to assume a cheery look, and smiled across the little table at himas pleasantly as he could. 老所尔努力装出一副高兴的神色,向桌子对面的他尽量愉快地微笑着.

愉快 [yú kuài]pleasing pleasantly pleasant cheerful cheerily delightful happy delighted相关解释:merriness rosiness jolliness pleasure suavity sprightliness bright-eyed pleasureness pleasantness pleasance delectation exhilaration jocundity luxury

您好!惊喜的英文是surprise, 英 [s'praz] 美 [s'praz],谐音“se pe rai zi”,建议用百度搜索surprise,并点击发音.求采纳

It is important to share our happiness with others. When I pass an important, win a prize or do a good deed,I will be very happy to share them with others. In this way I will make others happy and feel happier too. As soon as I have good news, I will tell

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