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用woulD likE to Do怎么造句

would like to[英][wud laik tu:][美][wʊd laɪk tu] 愿意,意欲; 例句: 1. I would like to be optimistic. 我很想做一个乐观主义者。 2. Some would like to test russia's good faith before moving ahead. 有些人希望在做出进一步...

would like to do造句: You must tell us exactly what you would like to do.你必须告诉我们,你到底希望怎么办。 I would like to do some snorkeling.我想玩一下有装备的潜水。 Nobody would like to do such tiresome work.没人愿做这种无...

我想让你帮我找些重要的文件 I would like you to find some important documents.

I would like to play the violin.

你想吃一个苹果吗? Would you like to have an apple?

I would like to go shopping

want to do sth.意思是想要做某事. 造句:I want to do my homework.我打算做作业. I want to give my mother a suprise.我想给妈妈一个惊喜. would like to do sth意思也是:想要做某事 造句::I would like some water to drink. I would lik...

would you like go to school

i would like you do to some thing ! i would like take a cup of coffe i would like to go to some place i would like to talk with you for a minute can you feel how much i would like you

would you like a cup of tea? 你想要一环荼吗? Yes.是的,我想要 would you like an apple? 你想吃一个苹果吗? No. thank you. 不,谢谢。 would you like to go out with me? 你想和我一起上出去吗? yes. 是的,我想去 请采纳,不容易啊!...


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