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以My EAting hABits为题,写不少于70词的英语作文

I think I have good eating habits. I always have my three meals at regular time. I seldom eat junk food because it's rich in salt, fat and sugar which is bad for my health. I have enough fruit and vegetables every day because they are good for my health.

I think I have good eating habits. I alwasy have three healthy meals at a regular time. In the morning, I like having an egg, a glass of milk, some bread and an apple. I often have dumplings or noodles with meat and vegetables for lunch. In the evening,

My eating habitsHello, I am Jack. I am 12 years old. I think I am pretty healthy because I have healthy eating habits. Now let me tell you about them. usually I have three meals a day. For breakfast, I eat noodles, bread and rice. And I drink milk every

Under the take care of my mother, my eating habit is very regular. I often eat porridge in the morning. Sometimes my mother will prepare some pickles for me. But sometimes I will put an egg into the porridge to have the egg porridge. At noon, I will

英语牛人团为您解答:My eating habbits I'm a middle school student.i have good eating habbits. I often drink a cup of milk and eat an egg for breakfast at home. I don't like milk, but my mom thinks it's good for my health. I often eat lunch at school. I

everyboby has they hsbits, eomepeople like sprot habits clother habits and so on, i have avery habits,it's eating habits,it's very good,because it can help me angry, evry counties has one or two threegood foods,it can help me know the counties

My eating habits 我的饮食习惯 There are many bad eating habits, such as not having breakfast, eating too much snacks, only preferring some particular kinds of food, overeating and so on. In order to obtain good health, we should form a good

my eating habits! hello everyone. i'm back!!!! i've just finished my final exam yesterday, so now i'm back to update my space. ho layy!!!! i promise you that i will tell all of you more about my eating habits that quite unusual from other girls in same age

My Day I'm a girl. I'm a pupil. I go to school from Monday to Friday. I have no classes on Saturdays and Sundays.I often get up at six thirty. I go to school at seven o'clock. I have four lessons in the morning and two in the afternoon. I go home at five. I do my homework at home.答案不唯一

everyone has his or her habits.such as studying habits,sleeping habits and eating habits. now let me tell you about my eating habits .my favourite food is chinese food include rice ,noodles,and many flavor dishes form many different cities.one day i

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