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谢谢 学姐的英文单词

A shoolmate learns elder sister&brother

感谢的英文单词有:gratitude、hankful、benedictory 、thank 、grateful 1、gratitude 读音:英 ['rttjud] 美 ['rttud] 释义:n. 感激;感谢;感恩 例句:His heart overflowed with gratitude.他的心里充满了感激之情.2、thankful 读音

It is my greStand here today very happy and grateful to sister for giving me this opportunity to learn.at honor to stand here,thank you for giving me this chance.

你好.谢谢[xiè xie]thanks;thank you;thank ;● 例句谢谢你给我回电话.Thanks for calling me back.希望可以帮到你.

overcome 希望对你有帮助,望采纳,谢谢

Miss Wang is our new english teacher. She gave us very good impressions. She is young, enthusiastic and energetic. She always smiles to us. She has her own special way of teaching and we all like it. Her English lessons are always intersting and

1) 先后次序关系:at this time; first; second; at last; next;previously; simultaneously; eventually;last but not least;to begin with;to start with;to end with;finally;seeing;since then;first of all;afterwards; following this; preceding this. 2) 因果关系:

Thanks!Thank you!Thanks a lot!Thank you very much!cheers!到了英国才知道cheers也有谢谢的意思,原来还以为只有喝酒的时候才会说~

你好!谢谢你Thank you



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