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“我的偶像”的英文是“My idol” “我的”英文是“My”,音标为[ma] “偶像”的英文是“idol”,音标为 [aidl] 双语例句你是我的偶像!You are my idol. 今天我想和大家分享的是我的偶像:成龙.Today I would like to share is my idol-

My idol fei lunhai"fei lunhai" name comes from the German Fahrenheit Fahrenheit name transliteration. By four different personality, background pattern composed of boys, is intended to select four samples of four personality as temperature

我的偶像:my idol idol [aidl] n. 偶像, 崇拜物, 幻象, [逻]谬论 习惯用语 make an idol of sb.崇拜[迷信]某人[某物] make an idol of sth.崇拜[迷信]某人[某物] e idol 因风度漂亮而备受女性观众欢迎的红演员 idols of the cave 由于离群索居, 性情怪僻

my famous star

My idol is

我的偶像林俊杰英文版 My idol is a well-known Singaporean singer called JJ. He showed his great talent in music in his childhood. He practised playing the piano at the age of four and began to compose in his teens. His ambition at that time was to

我的偶像my idol您是我的偶像.You're my idol.

My Idol My idol is Rainie Yang . She was born on June 4th,1984.She was born in taiwan. She is a singer and an actress . She is beautiful and cute. She is162cm tall. Her weight is 42kg . She can speak Chinese,English,Japanese and Cantonese

G-dragon,he is a very famous korean singer,he has been the leader of BIGBANG,and he have written many songs,he is my idol.When he was young,he was very popular in korean ,when he was 19 years old ,he became the leader of bigbang ,22


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