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Today I go to the zoo .I see the many animals. Such as monkeys. I'm very like animals. Today I'm very happy.Tomorrow I'm going to the park. It is a nature park. I'm going to the park with my father.My mother will work.So,she can't go with ous .Now I'm


一般将来时 After there years is study ,I feel very tird . This is a good chance to plan my summer holiday . First, I want to Beijing to relax myself . Beijing is the capital of our country . And there are many place of interest there, such as the Palace

进行时 It's raining outside.i'm doing my homework,my dad is reading the newspaper.my mum is watching tv.grandpa is watering the flowers(浇花).grandma is washing the clothes.sisiter is listening to the music.brother is playing computer game.

I was very sleepy in the morning, so i didn't go running as usual. I had something for breakfast. My new day has begun. The results would come out today. My classmates all felt very nervous, so did I. Then one of my classmates called me, and invited

I often do my homework in the evening. But sometiomes I do it at noon or on Sunday. I will do it tomorrow afternoon. I will go to the park tomorrow morning. I won't have time tomwrrom evening. And now

第一篇:My dayI got up early in the morning.I felt really fine today.I washed my hands and had breakfast.And then I started to do my homework,it was really difficult,but I finished it.I played basketball in the afternoon,and in the evening, I went to see a

现在进行时 1.Now,we are having a great house cleaning.Everyone is doing chores.My father is cleaning the living room.My mother is sweeping the floor.My sister is cleaning her room,My brother is taking out the trash. I am washing the dishes.

1:现在进行时 Winter has come. It's cold now. We are wearing the thick sweater and coat. The trees are tuning yellow. The leaves are falling down.When it is snowy, we can go out to play with snowy. We can make a snowman, fight with snowball

a happy day today is nice day.my family and me are going to go camping. i`m very happy!we by car go to a small hill(山).in the hill,there are a lot of trees and flowers.we sit down on the grass(草地).now we eat food start(开始).than(然后) we sing and dance.we all very hapyy this day!



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