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求一首英文歌,女生唱的,歌词了有whErE you ArE,...

应该是Alan Walker的Faded

《Faded》-艾兰沃克 You were the shadow to my life,Did you feel us Another start,You fade away,Afraid our aim is out of sight Wanna see us,Alive Where are you now,Where are you now,Where are you now Was it all in my fantasy,Where are you

是不是昨日重现,卡朋特的 再看看别人怎么说的.

歌名是where are you now,我听过好几遍了,中文翻译的歌名是你现在在哪,我以前也找了这首歌老久了

你好!这首歌歌名是faded,女声是由Iselin Solheim演唱的.歌词如下:You were the shadow to my light,你是我生命之光中的一道暗影 Did you feel us,你能理解我们吗 Another Star,另一颗行星 You fade away,你逐渐消失 Afraid our aim is out

let her go - passengerwell you only need the light when its burning lowonly miss the sun when it starts to snowonly know you love her when you let her goonly know you've been high when you're feeling lowonly hate the road when you're missing

应该是Faded吧,曾经单曲循环两个月,甚至弄成起床闹铃都没觉得腻 . 而且有上百个翻唱的版本,都挺好听的.曾经听过一次中国风版的Faded.这歌有毒http://bd.kuwo.cn/yinyue/6749207?from=baidu你听的可能是其中一个版本,上面的是原版.^_^

Honor Society-Where Are You Now 摇滚夏令营片尾曲


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