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1.在另一方面,电话快得多,所以他们更合适当您需要快速的答复. 2.一些的最好的信件是在书面爆裂的灵感,从而使您的写作的东西在一个地方,你可以坐下来几分钟的时间,写一个快速的说明给朋友.3.多甜蜜的礼物-一块手工书写板,装在一个信封里,这不是一项法案,坐在我们的朋友的路径时,首页从一个漫长的一天工作,每天我们所说的话将有助于修复.

He has been too busy, does not have the time to watch the television. this book and that book are equally new. I until finished the work only then to window-shop today. last Sunday, I until finished the work only then to window-shop. Tom and I jump

1 .But I found your menu so limited that I stopped worrying and started advertising the benefits of my food.但是我发现您的菜单如此有限,以至于我停止担心并开始刊登关于我的食物的益处的广告.2. I feel sick with all this fat and heavy food.我对所

1. I'm lucky to have learnt various skills when I was young. 2. These paintings value around 50 million U.S. dollars and must by no means be exposed directly in the sun. 3. I knew he's got talent when my son wrote his first poem. 4. As the flu spreaded

回答和zhidao翻译如下:To the insistent human query why the most exciting illumination anthropology has to offer is that of the concept of culture.对于人类不断提出的疑问,人版类学为什么要提供最令人兴奋的启示,那就是文化的概念.权

1. There is a team2. They work hard to manage that.3. undertaking initiateing executive force4. They rely on 5. perseverance persistance will power6. They have been unknown to public7. They have been closed to each other as brothers.8.


seeing friends本意“看得见的朋友们”,译为“身边的朋友们”更加通顺.这个句子后面省略了“of me”.我时不时地对我身边的朋友们进行测试,以此来发现我在他们心目中的样子/形象.

在埃尔登的南方小镇Awoa.基本结构是in the town,其他都是修饰town的

1.sure yet2.buy house money3.take guitar lessons4.start teaching next

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