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1. (be) in trouble 有烦事;有困难;出事;惹麻烦 2.put sb. to trouble 给某人造成麻烦;增添麻烦 3. take trouble to do sth. 不辞辛劳做某事 4.have trouble with sth.有那方面困难 I often have trouble with my teeth.我常常牙痛。 5.have...

have trouble with sth trouble sb trouble about sth be difficult n.have difficulties (in) doing sth

①What is the matter with you? ②what is wrong with you?

be in trouble 处于困境中 in trouble 1. 处于不幸(或苦恼,困境中) 2. 挨骂;受罚 3. [口语]未婚先孕的

前面用了had,已经发生过,应该是知道虽然很艰难、很麻烦,但还是停下来了。 这个翻译还是合理的。 望采纳。

have trouble in breathing

1.in the soup 在困境中 例句 I know that I am in the soup now. 我知道我现在处境十分危险。(非“在汤里面”) 2.ask for trouble 自找麻烦 例句 1.You'd better hold your peace, or you'll ask for trouble. 你最好保持沉默,否则你会自找麻...


打扰两种说法 bother, trouble Sorry to bother (trouble) you.


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