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trouble这个词,可以做名词,也可作动词。 名词: have trouble (in) doing sth.做什么事有麻烦,困难。 in trouble 处于困境之中 make trouble制造麻烦 get into trouble陷入麻烦 动词: trouble sb.打扰某人。

have trouble with sth trouble sb trouble about sth be difficult n.have difficulties (in) doing sth

have trouble(in)doing sth 做某事有困难 If you have trouble doing this, you might have chosen the wrong keywords. 如果你做这个有困难,那么可能说明您选错了关键词。

have trouble (in) doing sth.做什么事有麻烦,困难. in trouble 处于困境之中 make trouble制造麻烦 get into trouble陷入麻

a sea of troubles 困难重重 ask for trouble [口]自讨苦吃 be a trouble to 对...是一个麻烦(或讨厌的人) be in troubles with 和...闹纠纷 bear sb.'strouble on one's back 替某人担当责任 borrow trouble 自寻苦恼; 杞人忧天 don't trouble ...

have trouble doing sth. 是对的。

be in trouble 处于困境中 in trouble 1. 处于不幸(或苦恼,困境中) 2. 挨骂;受罚 3. [口语]未婚先孕的

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