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九年级英语作文 我最喜欢的一本书《老人与海》80词

Santiago is a Hemingway works in the vivid image of the fisherman. Santiago 84 days to have gained nothing, his tenacity and hard work, ushered in the eighty-fifth day of hope Dawn, ushered in the eighty-fifth days of sunshine. The eighty-fifth day,

The Old Man and the Sea is one of Hemingway's most enduring works and may very well become one of the true classics of this generation. It played a great part in his winning the Pulizer Prize in 1953 and the 1954 Novel Prize for Literature and

My Favourite book OK everyone,today i will share one book with you which named The Old Man and Sea.The author of the book isErnest Hemingway .This book tells a story,the old man and a young boy did not catch fish for a long time,then the

I like reading,so I love many different kinds of books very much,because they not only broaden my horizons(视野)but also give me inspiration(灵感). 我喜欢阅读,所以我很喜欢各种类型的书,因为他们不仅拓宽我的视野,而且还给我灵感.

Worn-out fisherman for 37 days didn't catch any fish, almost all quick famished, But he still refuse to admit defeat, and full of struggle the spirit, and finally in the eighty-fifth day catching a 18 feet in length, weight of 1,500 pounds of the big marlin. Big

the old man and the sea, by ernest miller hemingway (1899 1961) 《老人与海》,美国作家海明威著.《老人与海》是海明威的代表作,也是一部象征性的小说.主人公圣地亚哥是一位老鱼夫,他经过重重艰险,捕获了“一条不止一千五百磅

Wuthering Hights: It is a sad story of two generations of two families .Two people who fall in love with each other were seprated because of a mistake .The girl married a rich man and they had a daughter ,the man get married to the rich man 's sister


My favorite book is "How the Steel Was Tempered." This book tells the hero Pavel Korchagin from a poor,struggling at the bottom boy,has grown into a cause of the motherland and the people fighting life-history of the proletarian revolutionary

i like the novel which is the old man and the sea希望能帮到你,请采纳正确答案,点击【采纳答案】,谢谢 ^_^你的点赞或采纳是答题的动力


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