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Like the Five Olympic Rings from which they draw their color and inspiration, the Five Friendlies will serve as the Official Mascots of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, carrying a message of friendship and peace--and blessings from China--to children

have a very lovely small doll, it is very beautiful. I gave her the name of Cong Cong.Cong is I get at KFC meals prize. From her to that moment in my hand, I would particularly like to her. Because she has a head of green hair, wearing a red ballwith the

My favorite thing is an alarm clock.. I have it for five years.. I didn't do well in my grades, so mom and dad worried me very much..Mom and dad said that as long as my grades have improved. Will buy me a gift I like. So I study hard. When I got the

uanzhou is known as the cultural capital of East Asia;an underground;Look Xi', the City of Light, maritime Silk Road starting point,", the eternal legacy will still inadvertently flashed repeatedly. " walking in the middle of the city, to the point of view of

Elephant This is an elephant. It is big. It has two big ears. It has a long nose. It has four strong legs. It can help the people. It can water the flowers with its nose. It likes bananas. I like elephants.

Sachet ( sachet ), the ancient saying", also known as the" Perry sachet" curtain"," Stinky"," n"," purse", Qingyang known as the " tight tight" or" play live". It is the color of silk in silk embroidered on a variety of ancient magic,

HI,^_^ As time goes by, sports are playing a more and more important role in people's modern life.People all over the world take part in different kinds of sports, such as football, basketball, walking, swimming and so on. They also like to watch

Pandathe National Treasure Panda is one of the scarcest animals. People in the world like it very much. There used to be many pandas in China long ago. As the balance of nature was destroyed and the weather was getting warmer and warmer,

Calligraphy is the essence of Chinese culture, which has developed into a special high-level art apart from satisfying the needs of daily writing. It has been flourishing for thousands of years in China. Shops with strong commercial atmosphere will


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