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介绍大象的英语作文,70词左右,初一基础Elephants are like us in some ways.They live for a long timefifty or sixty years.They can remember things very well

初一介绍大象的英语作文(好心人帮帮忙) 不少于80词_百度知回答:《向水源挺进的小象》 凌镱 动物童话 动物科普 动物

急!急!急!!!关于大象的英语作文 初一的,60--100词英语

有关于大象的初一英语作文(60个词)elephant, the largest animal living in the land, has two big ears, long teeth and a long nose. this nose can help it

大象 英文短文(50个单词)最好有翻译,急!英语短文,50词左右, 英语小短文,七年级上50词左右 我的家乡英语小短文(大概50词) 生日计划50词英文

介绍大象的英语作文初一作文Elephant This is an elephant. It is big. It has two big ears. It has a long nose. It has four strong legs. It

急!急!急!!!关于大象的英语作文 初一的,60--100词_百度知大象 Elephant is the largest animal on land today. It weights some ninety kilograms and is about one metre high when born

初一介绍大象的英语作文(好心人帮帮忙) 不少于80词1 last Saturday.You and schoolmates go to the zoo, saw the elephant; 2 elephants are

要一篇关于大象的英语作文{初一水平!!!}60词急急急Today, i came to the Xiangjiang Zoo. There are many cute and interested animals. i like them, especially the elephant

要一篇关于大象的英语作文{初一水平!}60词急!这些是Today,i came to the Xiangjiang Zoo.There are many cute and interested animals.i like

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