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What time do you usually get up?你通常几点起床?May I have your name?能告诉我你的名字吗?Do you want to go with me?你愿意和我一起走吗?What are we going to do?我们将要干什么?How can I fly the kite?我怎么

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一、由 who/whom/whose 引导的 注释:who的意思是“谁”,询问人(做主语);whom的意思是“谁”,询问人(作宾语);whose的意思是“谁的”,询问物体的所属.1、Who are you? 你是谁?I am Cara. 我是卡拉.2、Whose book is

6.A 7.C8.D9.B10.A11.B12.D13.A14.B15.C1. coming2. is sleeping3. relaxing4. doing5. any6. are leaving7. to learn8. is leaving9. are you going to do10. did/will, take1. Are we going to the beach for weekend?2. Who are you visiting for vacation?3.

1.what's your favourite colour my favourite colour is yellow!2.how many book do you They speak English French and so on.19.What are the biggest cities in Europe?London,


一般有这些: 1.家庭,成长环境. 2.教育背景,专业优势,人格魅力. 3 参加或组织过的活动. 4 你对这份工作的认识以及工作态度. 1. What is important to you in a job? Mention specific rewards other than a paycheck for example, challenge,


1.how do you do?2.how are you?3.how is the weather today?4.what do you do?5.what do you think of the weather?6.what is your name?7.do you speak English?8.do you love dogs?9.excuse me,where is the nearest toilet?10.do you like tea?

1.The reason why I go to college is to achieve a higher education.2.I will try my best to learn the skills that I need for my future career.3.I pretty much use the computer whenever it is needed to.I

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