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广州的英文写作 Guangzhou、Canton、Kwangchow .广州,简称穗,别称羊城、花城,是广东省省会、副省级市、国家中心城市、超大城市、国际大都市、国际商贸中心、国际综合交通枢纽、国家综合性门户城市,首批沿海开放城市.“广州



Guangzhou enjoys subtropical monsoon weather. As it faces the sea but backs on the mountain, Guangzhou's climate has a characteristic of warm weather and plenty of rainfall, sufficient sunlight and heat. Here summer is long, and frost season is

以下来源政府网站The History of Guangzhou "On the ground there are five ridges and peaks from north; stretching to the horizon is the end of the Mainland in the south." Qu Dajun of the Qing Dynasty(1644-1911A.D.), described the landscape


Guangzhou Guangzhou also called Yangcheng. Why Guangzhou Yangcheng called, have a funny explanation - Guangzhou people speak of are called the sheep study. Guangzhou is a beautiful city in China, but it's so noisy and crowded. The

Guangzhou is the capital and a sub-provincial city of Guangdong Province in the southern part of China. It is a famous cultural city with a history of over 2,210 years. Its long history has left Guangzhou with a number of scenic spots and historical sites,

(中国广东省)广州市白云区白云大道北1598号翔云商务大厦2068室空足够Room 2068, Xiangyun Business MansionNo. 1598, North Section of Baiyun AvenueBaiyun District, Guangzhou City(Guangdong Province, PRC)空


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